Perfect Ohm offers holistic pediatric care at our facility.  Traditional Chinese medicine has been treating pediatric patients for many years using acupuncture, acupressure, laser and auricular therapy, cupping, and much more.

Dr. Lopez specializes in holistic pediatrics and is currently working on research in the field of Attention Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  Her specialties also include: anxiety, early childcare, and eczema among many others.


What is the difference between holistic pediatrics and a conventional pediatrician?

Holistic pediatrics uses principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, homeopathy, Chinese herbology and many other modalities for treatment.  We offer well-child checkups as well as physicals, but are limited in certain aspects of care.  We do not take the place of your pediatrician, but work with them, helping your child get the best care by both worlds.


Can Oriental Medicine Help Your Child?

If your child has a health problem that isn’t resolving in a timely manner or responding well to Western medical treatments, chances are oriental medicine can help using modalities like acupuncture, herbal therapy, cupping, and laser therapy. Acupuncture safely and effectively treats many common pediatric conditions and has been used in China for thousands of years. At our clinic, we believe that every child is unique and deserves an equally unique approach to treatment. We focus on understanding your child’s health condition and creating an individual healing program that addresses your child’s symptoms along with the underlying root cause. Individual healing programs include a combination of: Acupuncture or non-needle techniques

  • Acupressure and massage at home
  • Changes to diet and/or lifestyle
  • Prescribing natural remedies
  • Seasonal and preventative support

Aren’t Kids Afraid Of Needles?

Many kids are leery of needles and naturally want to avoid the pain of a shot or blood draw. We totally understand. Fortunately, pediatric acupuncture is completely different than a shot! Because acupuncture needles are so different than hypodermic needles, we call them “taps.” Taps are hair-fine pediatric needles that create a virtually painless experience. The term “tap” references the rubbing and tapping that is done to desensitize the point before we rapidly tap the needle in. Most kids are pleasantly surprised with how easy and painless acupuncture is. We recommend avoiding the terms needle, prick, pin, or pokey when talking to your child about acupuncture.


Does My Child Have To Do Acupuncture Or Are There Other Options?

We have many different treatment options for children, so acupuncture is optional. On the first visit, we will show your child what “taps” are and ask them if they’d like to give it a try. When most kids see how easy and fast it is, they’ll try it. However, it’s most important for us to build trust with your child. So, if your child is still reluctant, we can switch to non-needle techniques like laser therapy, color therapy, micro-current, acupressure, ear seeds, or a special Chinese pediatric massage called tuina (pronounced twee-nah). Non-needle techniques have a similar therapeutic effect to acupuncture and can be effectively used instead. We find that, in most cases, once we build trust and rapport with a child, they will eventually try acupuncture.


Can My Child Still Take Medications Or Undergo Western Medical Treatments?

Yes! Chinese medicine works to restore balance and helps stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms. You can safely use acupuncture and Chinese medicine in conjunction with other medical treatments. We will work with your child’s doctors and send progress reports to keep them up to date on your child’s progress to facilitate your child’s healing.


Have More Questions about Holistic Pediatrics?

We’ll be happy to discuss your child’s health condition, just give us a call at 305-650-1195.