There has been a large shift in the mainstream medical community. The dangers of using opiate derived medications to treat chronic pain have overwhelmed the benefits of their prescribed use. Averse results from long and short-term use have driven the medical community to search for more effective and safer treatments for these chronic pain patients.

One of the leaders in the search for better pain management solutions has been the United States Department of Veteran’s Affairs. With thousands of retired veteran’s suffering from pain, the VA has implemented various new programs to help support veterans who suffer from chronic pain.

The pilot study was able to demonstrate the multifaceted benefits of acupuncture and Oriental medicine. Patient’s positive experiences, combined with the lack of side effects from acupuncture, pushed for the creation of the Veteran’s Choice Program. Veteran’s Choice Program (VCP) is a national initiative focused to help veterans find effective alternatives to reduce the need for pain medications. Perfect Ohm was honored as an approved provider. In just 5 short months, we have started care for 25 new veterans, and the number of new patients grew daily.

The Veteran’s Choice Program is open to all veterans. Most patients are eligible for up to 48 visits per year, which allows for weekly acupuncture visits. The VA covers all costs, and the veterans are able to schedule their personal appointments directly with Perfect Ohm after the initial paper work is filed with the VCP.

In order to enroll, veterans need to contact their VA physician and request to be enrolled into the program. No patients will be denied the ability to access this care. You can also check if you’re eligible by clicking here or calling 1-866-606-8198.