Indications according to international research

The laser is used for the treatment of wounds and pain (FDA). Further more it is an option to use it for:

  • Skin: Dermatosis, herpes (herpes simplex labiales, zoster), acne, hordoleum, erythema, eczema, inflammation.
  • Tissue: Healing and alleviation of ulcerations, aftercare of operation wounds, aftercare of scars, burns, sunburns, frost bite, decubitus, necrosis.
  • Vessels: Improvement of blood circulation by means of collateral vessel regeneration (wound healing), improvement of lymphatic system, reduction of edema.
  • Inflammation: Alleviation of inflammation, rheumatism. Bones/joints: Traumata, carpal tunnel syndrome, joint pain, fracture
  • Healing: improved callus formation and mineralization, bone necrosis.
  • Nerves: Improvement of nerve healing, nerve pain, lesions, ruptures, neuritis, paresis, neuritis, neuralgia.
  • Pain management: Pain reduction and alleviation.
  • Dentistry: Analytic and anti-inflammatory, trophic effect especially after surgery.
  • Acupuncture: The laser device can be used for stimulation of acupuncture points and for all indications which can be treated with acupuncture according to the WHO (World Health Organization).