About Perfect Ohm

Perfect Ohm specializes in various holistic methods to be able to adjust and tailor one-of-a-kind treatments.  A thorough consultation is made and every aspect of your life is assessed, regardless of your complaints.  Using a holistic approach, everything is taken into consideration.  Not only will you be coming in for just a treatment, you will be coming in and learning different aspects of diagnosis, and how lifestyle changes can improve your overall wellness.


Suffering from Allergies?

Perfect Ohm specializes in helping your immune system get back in shape.

Holistic Pediatrics

We specialize in holistic pediatrics using ancient techniques of oriental medicine, acupuncture, herbology, and much more.

Catching a Cold?

Learn more on how Perfect Ohm can help you during the Flu season. Begin by boosting your immune system with several helpful tips and herbs!

  • So happy to have had a much needed session today!!! Thank you to the Perfect Ohm team!–Yehoshua

  • Wonderful place, peaceful, clean very nice and welcoming staff. Dr Lopez is very gentle and knowledgeable about her work. A very pleasured place. Highly recommended.–O. Demblans

  • The Dr. is knowledgeable, professional, the place is clean and very pleasant. Highly recommended!–Ruthie G.